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Skippering the wine and beer curriculum at the Black Crescent will be Carlos Baz of Tequesta, Florida. A fourteen-year industry veteran, with time served in the kitchens and barrooms of Florida, Australia, and New York City, it was in 2007 when Carlos joined the Wild Edibles team. Over the last six years he has supervised Front of House operations and directed the beverage program at their 35th street oyster bar and grill. With a keen pallate for uncommon wines that often exist at the margins and for curious expressions of more well known grapes, Carlos will be presenting a bill of wines and beers that are at once esoteric and utterly accessible.


Also, as a lifetime fisherman, Carlos will be contributing a cornucopia of seafood, fish, and fisheries knowledge to the Black Crescent.  Knowledge that will further contribute to the Black Crescent’s committed efforts to make responsible and informed choices regarding the seafood that they serve.

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